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The key claim is that all psychological pleasures and pains must ultimately be referred back to the body.

Honors in English

Gad, what a show of good-looking women; but not one of 'em could touch that little cousin of mine. In addition, it provides an opportunity for students to crown their careers as English majors by defining an individual project and writing a substantial scholarly or creative thesis.

When, at a more rational moment, she returns to pursuing Percy, his mother-in law-to-be tells Lily at Jack Stepny's and Gwen Van Osburgh's wedding about his engagement to Evie Van Osburgh.

In retribution for a social snub, Lily's cousin Grace Stepney informs their aunt Julia about rumors that Lily has gambling debts which she may be trying to cover through an inappropriate relationship with Gus Trenor. Characters[ edit ] Lily Bart—Wharton paints Lily, the heroine of her novel, as a complex personality with the purity that her Christian name implies, the defiance that her surname implies, [m] and the foolishness that the title of the novel implies.

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Lily sighs, " 'Ah, love me, love me—but don't tell me so. Certain appearances and feelings are unavoidable for us: Gus becomes enamored with Lily, a frequent guest at his wife's weekend social events. They belong to Old New York's high society.

Eventually, the agent appreciates how appropriate actions fit together into an orderly, harmonious life. So, wisdom organizes the soul, and the wise person will be just. A study of the relationship between ethical and theoretical virtues in Aristotle.

Meanwhile, Simon Rosedale, the Jewish suitor who previously had proposed marriage to Lily when she was higher on the social scale, reappears in her life and tries to rescue her, but Lily is unwilling to meet his terms.

One might put on another layer of clothing, while the other takes one off. Second, the Stoics use the providential governance of the cosmos and our role as parts of it to argue for ethical conclusions—especially that we should value the common interest more than our own.

This is unintelligible, and even if it were intelligible, it sounds useless. Even though few of us make it, wisdom is the natural end point of human development. So, she has an impulse to preserve herself and her constitution.

Ancient Ethics

We can stand, walk, and run; we can distance ourselves from appearances and assess whether things are as they seem; and we can engage in reciprocal relationships with others. If it is, then someone with an organized soul will track this fact, and will never betray friends for the sake of wealth.

Prepare a written research paper on a topic related to the course Participate in lab exercises designed by the instructor to complement topics covered in the class Participation in independent research BCMB or equivalent: Lastly, Epicurus praises friendship for its ability to make us tranquil.

There are two reasons for this. For example, one might see that one should confront a sexist comment, but be more afraid of doing so than one should be.

English Junior-Senior Honors Seminar is given every fall by a distinguished member of the faculty in an area of her or his expertise.

Sites and files of interest to C++ users. The Chancellor's Honors Program is the University of Tennessee's principal honors program, serving between 5% and 10% of students and representing the majors in all nine of the university's undergraduate colleges. The Duke Blue Devils football team represents Duke University in the sport of American janettravellmd.com Blue Devils compete in the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the Coastal Division of the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC).

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The program has 17 conference championships (7 ACC championships and 10 Southern Conference titles), 53 All.

Ancient Ethics. Ethical reflection in ancient Greece and Rome starts from all of an agent’s ends or goals and tries to systematize them. Our ends are diverse. Chancellor’s Honors students earn an honors-designated diploma and are bestowed an honors medallion upon graduation Our Students Each year, CHP invites approximately of the best and the brightest applicants of University of Tennessee to join the next cohort of students.

The Center for Student Development provides important services that help you explore and engage with the college, university, community and world as you become a lifelong learner, confident decision maker and contributor to the global society.

We serve as a critical component of students’ educational experience and success by supporting.

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Sites of interest to C++ users