Undergraduate honors thesis anthropology

You can enroll for between one and nine credits per quarter, and you need a minimum of nine credits to complete the program. Passing grades for a minimum of fifteen credits of UW Anthropology classes. Because of the diversity of topics, not all faculty may be suitable for your project. Develop a plan of action and communication for the summer with your advisor.

It should have at least 12 citations. These options include, 1 High Honors, 2 Honors, 3 successful completion of independent research, but no Honors, and 4 no Honors and no credit for independent research. Ethnographic thesis projects take several semesters of planning and work, and require significant commitment, initiative, and discipline from the student.

Honors students design, conduct and report on an original research project under the guidance of a faculty adviser. Your adviser will email directly to the Honors Coordinator.

There are many formant options, and you should look at examples from previous years. Students will be offered opportunities to present their findings at campus events and outreach events during the quarter.

The first is that the adviser must be on the current list of full-time and research faculty in the UW Department of Anthropology or on the current list of adjunct, affiliate, emeritus, and retired faculty. Overall, thesis projects should enable students to offer and develop new insights into sociocultural phenomena.

They are offered every Spring Quarter, and only in Spring Quarter.

Past Cultural Anthropology Thesis Topics

Our Undergraduate Program Administrator keeps copies in her office. The committee chair is chosen by the student, while the other two members are chosen by the committee chair, in consultation with the department chairperson.

This seminar is designed to teach students the skills necessary to produce a research proposal for an undergraduate honors thesis in anthropology. Eligible students must, on their own initiative, conceive of a research project and seek out an anthropology faculty supervisor who agrees to advise the project.

Completion of in the Fall quarter of senior year Completion of in Winter quarter of senior year may be counted toward the level requirements for the major. You may not take more than 18 credits of this class.

Approach professors who already know you and your work—particularly those who think have a favorable view of your performance. You must complete ANTH with a grade of 3. Brumfiel Award for Distinguished Honors Thesis in Archaeology See a list of award-winners who have won scholarships and other prizes.

If, at the end of the fall semester, the advisor and UAH decide that the project is not being successfully carried out, a grade will be assigned for ANTH 99a, and the student will not continue in the honors program.

The reading committee advises the faculty on the merit of the thesis for department honors. The final copy must be submitted for your adviser's approval before you graduate. Honors is a good option for students planning to pursue graduate studies in anthropology because it helps to develop research and writing skills that are valued by graduate schools, and will help students develop the skills necessary to prepare theses and publications in the future.

Anthropology Undergraduate Honors Theses. Follow.

Senior Thesis Guidelines

Theses/Dissertations from PDF. Comparison of Microwear on Rodent Molars from Differing Species and a Wide Range of Environments, Mikko Joiner. PDF. Cultural Tourism and Post-Colonialism in Hawaii, Leigh Nicole Schuler. Honors in Anthropology Students who write a thesis and whose theses and grades meet university criteria are recommended to the college for graduation with honors.

Eligibility for honors includes: Writing an outstanding senior thesis. The honors thesis is prepared during two successive quarters (Fall ANTH A and Winter ANTH B) of a major’s senior year, and can count as two of the five four-unit upper-division elective courses required for a major.

During the first quarter of the program (Fall quarter), students select their research topic and write a preliminary paper.

Honors Program. The Honors Program in the Department of Anthropology is open to students with an exceptional academic record and allows undergraduates to pursue special research interests.

Honors students design, conduct and report on an original research project under. Senior Theses and Honors Conducting original research is central to the field of Anthropology. By undertaking original research in Anthropology students develop core skills in critical thinking, research, and written and oral communication.

Undergraduate honors thesis anthropology
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