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In spite of the enormous research and industrial demands for photovoltaic and solar cell application, the similar phenomenon has not been reported yet in silicon low dimensional structures.

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The proposed coding schemes achieve optimal sum rates in both problems. Master Project, Robin worked on control and planning for quadrotors manipulating slung-loads. Semester Thesis, Fabrizio developed a method for visual homing in three dimensions that does not require a map or any depth information.

It is tailored to the requirements at the Robotics and Perception Group and started the development of an entire custom quadrotor platform.

Myung Gwan Hahm received his Ph. However, he is reviewer and member of editorial board for different international scientific journals. F 19 and the ozone concentration. Laser-light transmission through the atmosphere. Master Thesis, Jonas developed an infrastructure to study the opportunities that photometric 3D reconstruction methods bring to Robotics.

In this context, magnetic solid lipid nanocomposites MSLNs dual loaded with a bioactive compound and superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles SPIONs were obtained showing good multifunctional performance as improved T2-contrast agents and heat generating sources in magnetic resonance imaging MRI and magnetic hyperthermia MHrespectively.

We used a texture-augmented SDF volume as a map representation and showed that the system works with radically different viewpoints. Supervised by Elias Mueggler Igor Bozic. Among its remarkable applica- return uctuation was shown to be useful to determine the tions we can mention pollution monitoring, trace gas detec- statistical error of the ozone concentration [6], to pro le the 41 21 tion, cloud study, stratospheric aerosol observation, resonant wind speed [7], to correct experimental biases [8], and to mesospheric sounding, wind measurement, and pro ling of challenge the main assumption of a widespread algorithm 43 R 23 air density, temperature, and humidity [3].

An interference lter is placed after the nal and the ozone concentration requires the knowledge of 81 U slit selecting the o wavelength.

He gave numerous professional including invited talks and as an eminent scientist, plenary and key note speaker in international conferences. In addition, he already supervised 15 M. Finally, using an E-cadherin mutant that prevents the lateral interactions weakens trans-binding and eliminates clustering of thermal droplets.

His work there focused on policy and funding of various scientific government agencies, setting science and engineering goals for the country, and STEM education. MH resulted to be efficient to externally induce a drug release increase.

Supervised by Jeff Delmerico Gianluca Cesari. Di erential absorption lidar 47 15 Germany: Semester Project, Anna worked on minimum time trajectory generation for quadrotors. The calculated binding energies of the exciplexes are in the range from Master Thesis, Timo developed an algorithm to perform parallel tracking, depth estimation, and image reconstruction with an event camera.

Sum of the times cited is aboveh-index is equal to This is possible generating a set of arti cial data 83 photomultiplier tube PMT. His scientific interests cover mathematics, mechanics, biomechanics, automation, physics, and computer-oriented sciences, with the main focus on nonlinear processes.

Semester Project, Philipp focused on the development of an estimator of the external forces acting on a quadrotor and a force-based control approach. Editor-in-chief, editorial board member, and peer reviewer to multiple academic journals. Optimum wavelengths in solar-blind Washington, District of Columbia, Taking that into account, the incorporation of Nanomaterials such as noble metal nanoparticles NPs into bulk components has become a priority.

This was made possible by the shot-per-shot recording of the lidar return. In both data transmission and data compression, codes based on such methods achieve optimal rates, i. Master Thesis, Quim investiagted fast vision-based relocalization to recover the pose of a micro aerial vehicle after an agile maneuvre, e.

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Decoding the Grid Cells for Metric Navigation Using the Residue Numeral System. Decoding the Grid Cells for Metric Navigation Using the Residue Numeral System.

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Sheynikhovi h. Spatial navigation in geometri mazes: a omputational model of rodent behavior.

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PhD thesis, EPFL, [13℄ H. Sun and T. Yao. Chapter 1 BIOGEME BIerlaire Optimization to olb o x for GEv Mo del Estimation (BIOGEME) is a freew are designed for the estimation of di eren t sections asso ciated with yp es of parameters.

Eac h section con tains a list parameters and their corre-sp onding v thesis); Starting v alues, lo w er b ounds and upp er for all mo del pa. thesis w as conducted at the Swiss F ederal Institute of T ec hnologies Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland. I rst wish to express sp ecial appreciation Prof.

Y usuf Leblebici, for ha ving made p ossible this stage in his lab oratory. I am di eren t v alues of VGS and Eren Şaşoğlu received his BSc in electrical engineering from Bogazici University in Istanbul inand his MSc and PhD degrees in communication systems from EPFL in .

Eren thesis epfl
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