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At some universities or research institutes, these issues have been handled stringently, where in other cases the situation for the researcher may be unclear or even directed by contradicting university goals.

The people involved in the company are to a majority researchers that work at the university, providing an example of the transfer mechanism where a company and a university share personnel.

The knowledge filter and economic growth: At present there are mainly contacts within the EU-sponsored program. It is clear that most technologies from universities are licensed at a very early stage and they require significant additional investment from the licensees.

Tasks in this thesis include: A researcher in one of those companies contacted our respondent in The requisition for the remaining tuition fee is issued before the start of your next term. In essence, we believe the conclusions and typology developed through the Swedish cases likely to be relevant beyond this specific national context.

The following courses are classified by this agreement: No personal network, but supportive infrastructure In this case the key researcher had talked to a colleague at another university for several years about the possibilities of combining their research to pursue an area that they thought would have commercial potential.

The technology-transfer office already had some projects that could become a part of a company, but they were not enough to form a company. Rover was soon selected to make jet engines, but exchanged jet engine production with Rolls-Royce for making tank engines in Your personal integrity is important to us at Blekinge Institute of Technology.

The Gamma-researchers would get a partnership in the firm in return. We try to encourage deeper commitment and spiritual growth as we live together as community.

They had different science backgrounds which they felt could be very exciting if combined. Sweden thus constitutes a unique case where data can be found on which choices researchers make in a setting where a variety of channels for transfer are available.

Section 3 presents the research design.


Felix Naumann or Michael Loster. This work touches the fields of text mining, text summarisation, document classification, topic modelling, named entity extraction, entity linking, relationship extraction, as well as social network- and graph analysis.

Researchers at universities or research institutes can be assumed to adjust the choice to commercialize and the way of doing so to social norms, organizational structure and incentives regarding e. While the discovery of inclusion dependencies has been researched for static databases or webtables, the discovery of inclusion dependencies in historical data remains an open problem.

The poster should be printed and brought to the venue location by yourself.

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Library landing page for the University of Bath, giving access to the library catalogue and course resources. A candidate with BA/ BSc/ degree would be required to complete in all the required papers and a thesis (or 8 credit papers in lieu of the thesis) besides passing preliminary courses in biblical languages (Hebrew and Greek), Study Methods and Theological English.

N Courtenay Parkway | Suite 19 Merritt Island, FL Tel: () Israel. P.O. Box Lev Yerushalayim Branch Jerusalem [email protected] The theses can be in one of the following broad areas: Duplicate Detection; Data Profiling; Linked Data; Text Mining; Recommender Systems; Information Retrieval; Natural Language Processing; Please note that the list below is only a small sample of possible thesis topics and ideas.

Bth thesis archive
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